Photo Gallery

Water cycle craft by kg D 19.07.19
Treasure box activity, kg -C 19.07.19
Paste an apple on tree Nur-B 19.07.19
Inter house football championship for class 5 to 8
Pre Nursery kids prepared monsoon season craft 19.07.19
Nursery E- Pasting apple on tree activity 19.07.19
Nursery E - Empty and Full concept 19.07.19
Nursery C ( Activity Apples on the Tree) 19.07.19
Music class Nur-F 19.07.19
KG E_Treasure Hunt Math Activity 19.07.19
Apple tree activity Nur-A (19-7-2019)
Activity- paste A on tree Nur-F 19.07.19
Activity for letter E Pre Nur 19.07.19
A apple pasting activity on tree- Nur D 19.07.19
Walking in the rain activity Nur-A (18-7-2019)
Thumb printing activity Nur-A (18-7-19)
Special assembly by kg B 19.07.19
Nursery E- Semolina tracing of letter A activity 18.07.19
Nursery E- Clay modelling activity 18.07.19
Nur B - Walk in the rain activity 18.07.19
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