Photo Gallery

Nursery C ( Making types of houses using clay dough and blocks) 25.07.19
Nur B - Manners before Knowledge 25.07.19
Nur B - Making Pucca house using blocks 25.07.19
Nur B - 3D craft 25.07.19
Manners before knowledge--Table etiquettes 25.07.19
Manners before knowledge Nur D 25.07.19
Manners before knowledge craft Nur D 25.07.19
Kucha house and pucca house Nur D 25.07.19
Rainbow colouring Activity-KG A 24.07.19
Nur-A Manners before knowledge craft (24-7-19)
Watermelon activity Nur-A (24-7-2019)
Nur-A No.9 (News paper balls activity )(23-7-19)
Nur-A Manners before knowledge craft (23-7-19)
Nur B Manners Before Knowledge 24.07.19
Nur B - umbrella making using clay 24.07.19
Nur B - Cotton dabbing on watermelon 24.07.19
KG G -- Manners Before knowledge -- Rainbow Colouring 24.07.19
KG E_Manners Before Knowledge_Day 3 Rainbow Colouring 24.07.19
Nursery C ( Coloring and sponging on Watermelon) 24.07.19
Nur-C Manners before knowledge ( Take Away Save water & wash your hands before and after meal)
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