Photo Gallery

Clay modelling class Nur-A
KG F Clay activity
Assembly grade 2 A
Introduction of ‘ga’ with Activity by KG-B
Pre Nursery kids are colouring B
Clay modelling class Nursery -F
PE class Nur-A
Nur C class activity on magic words
Introducing number 2 by showing 2 eyes, 2 hands, 2 fingers Nur-B
Craft activity Nur-A
Children enjoying singing ` I love my mommy`s - Nur B
Children enjoying decorating Red color day craft - Nur B
Nur d ...butterfly craft
Skating class of Kg- F
Baisakhi and yellow day celebration along with take away craft Nur-B
Pre Nursery are enjoying with shapes and play dough
Tracing number 1 with semolina- Nur D
Nur d- yellow colour day craft
Kg F Students enjoyed exercises in P. E class
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