As students’ safety is our primary concern, various measures are taken to ensure the same. Only experienced and qualified drivers are appointed by the school after making them undergo a driving test. A female staff attendant is also assigned to each bus to ensure students’ safety along with a dedicated teacher on duty.

  • All our buses are air-conditioned.
  • Being GPS enabled, the school can locate the position of a bus at any time during commute and in case of a breakdown, can send a replacement bus instantly. 
  • To avoid rash driving and speeding, speed governors are also installed in all the buses.
  •  A camera is installed in every bus for the additional safety of the children during the commute.
  •  Each student is taken count of while boarding and de-boarding the bus.
  •  Our buses are also equipped with safety equipment and a first-aid kit in case of an emergency.
  •  A strict procedure is followed at drop-off points where Escort Cards are checked before handing over your ward. 

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