Photo Gallery

KG E_Free Play
Clay activity and happy meal Heading for activities Kg-A
activity pictures (tearing and pasting) Nur-A
colouring activities Nur-A
KG-F clay activity of vyanjan` ka`
Yummy food time Kg-B
Pre Nursery kids prepared boy girl craft
Pre Nursery kids are doing scribbling
P.E activity Kg_D
NUR F. Playing with clay
Nur D kids dancing on rhymes
KG-E Hurdle and Cone Race
KG-E Clay Activity
kg -C fun with clay session
Introduction of Vyanjan ‘Ka’ with colouring and clay KG- B kids
Grade 1- B Activity
Colouring activity for Nursery D
Clay activity of vyanjan `k` Kg_D
Class 2C Hindi poem recitation activity
1 A class flash card activity Hindi
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