Photo Gallery

Hanging garden (parts of plant ) Kg-A
Cylinder shape activity Kg-A
Healthy food- decorating carrots by coloring and with glittersheets
Sink and float experiment by kids of Nursery C
Grade 6 Friday Club activity- TV show on the topic
Grade 7 Friday Club activity- TV show on the topic
Talks n videos were shown on mahatma GandhiGrade 2
Talk on Gandhiji Grade 1-A
Learning adjectives activity 1-B
Class activity on adjectives Grade 1-A
Bubble time activity Grade 1-b
.V SHOW about nonviolence in bubble time grade 5
Kids enjoying scribbling
Play time Nur D
Nursery-A Activity
Kids making Nursery D
Kids making Nursery C
KG B_P.E._Freeplay
Circle time puppet show Nur-B
EVS Activity , Grade-5
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