Grade I - III



The Public Speaking club plays a pivotal role in nurturing confident communicators, ardent debaters, and inspiring leaders. The primary goal of this club is to empower students with the art of effective communication. Students not only refine their speaking abilities but also develop the charisma and presence necessary to lead and influence others. Our Public Speaking Club is not just about mastering the spoken word; it's a journey of personal growth and self-discovery. Through articulate expression, students embark on a transformative experience, gaining the confidence and skills needed to navigate the challenges of both academia and life beyond.



The Music Club stands as a testament to the power of melody and rhythm in shaping the artistic inclinations of our youngest musicians. The objective of this club is to train the kids to control their voices while they sing and perform. It is a very important aspect as to know what voices we hold and how much one could modulate his/her voice-tone.
Students are exposed to western classical music under several genres and are trained to be a part of the school choir.



The ZEALOTS Dance Club takes center stage, infusing energy, creativity, and a sense of rhythmic unity among our young dancers. The Club goes beyond steps and beats—it is a celebration of movement, self-discovery, and the collective joy of dance. It provides opportunities to dance lovers to prove their talent and is a good platform for them to have their artistic exploration. Through diverse dance styles, creative projects, and collaborative performances, the club envisions igniting a passion for movement that extends beyond the dance floor.



“Learning by doing and learning by living” are two important factors of learning. Environment Club gives impetus to environmental learning, the science behind simple things.
 Through the environment club, students will get an opportunity to learn beyond their course content. The club’s mission is simple yet profound: instill a love for the environment and cultivate responsible stewardship among our students. This Club offers chance to do science related activities that enhance their understanding and reasoning and will equip them with developing analytical skills. Through engaging activities, it cultivates a sense of environmental responsibility, shaping conscientious citizens committed to preserving our planet for future generations.



"We must all do theatre, to find out who we are, and to discover who we could become.”                                                                                                              -Augusto Boal

The school theatre club provides a platform for young talents to explore the world of drama, creativity, and self-expression. This club is dedicated to promote drama/theatre education in our school, inculcates the sense to appreciate dramatic literature, its techniques and hone the theatrical skills of students by focusing on acting, music, theatre style singing and movement!
The students are given a great deal of opportunities to realize their talents and attain a better hold on the medium.



A Maths Club is a chance for everybody    to have fun  with Maths in a free flowing environment. The Math activities will help in increasing the engagement of children in Maths and help them in understanding the playful nuances of Maths. The primary focus of the club is to develop children’s knowledge and understanding of Maths and strengthen the cross curricular links with the other subjects. It provides children with opportunities to try new things and apply their Maths skills in their ‘real-life’.



In the heart of our school, a hub of clay and creativity takes form - the School Pottery Club. Pottery allows kids to express themselves through a different form of art, helping them enhance their fine motor skills and creativity, improves the hand and eye coordination and gives students a sense of self achievement as they make something from the scratch and moulds it as per their imagination. The primary focus of the club is to boost self –confidence, improve concentration and widen the imaginations of the young minds. The School Pottery Club goes beyond moulding clay; it moulds character, instilling patience, creativity, and cultural appreciation.



In the bustling halls of our school, there is a vibrant heaven for creativity —the School Crafts Club. The Craft Club is not merely about creating art; it's a dynamic platform where creativity intersects with learning, collaboration, and social responsibility. This club allows students to create crafts that reflect their personal interests, fostering a sense of ownership and individuality in their artistic endeavors. In Xavier’s, we aim to shape not just skilled artists but well-rounded, imaginative individuals ready to embrace the world with open hearts and creative minds.

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