Pre Primary

Cultivating Holistic Development through Physical Activities at St. Xavier's:

We, at St. Xavier's High School, place paramount importance on fostering comprehensive development in our students. Acknowledging the profound impact of physical activity on their overall well-being, we integrate age-appropriate physical exercises right from the pre-nursery stage. Our carefully curated activities encompass a spectrum of movements, including running, jumping, throwing, catching, climbing, tugging, kicking, hopping, and even swimming. To complement these initiatives, our school boasts two indoor and one outdoor play areas, all meticulously designed with safety measures in place. These spaces serve as dynamic arenas for honing early motor skills. As we envision our students leading happy, healthy, and active lives, our commitment to promoting physical well-being remains unwavering. Join us in nurturing a generation that thrives on the joys of movement and the pursuit of a vibrant and energetic lifestyle.

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