Photo Gallery

Recap of letters on slate Nur D
Earthen ice cream making and tracing letter E with chalk. NUr-C
Clay Modlling Nur-C
Nursery E practicing alphabet on slate
Nursery E art n craft activity
Nur E splash pool
Nur E number 4 activity
Recap E on slate NUr-A(8-5-19)
Flash card activity Nur-A (8-5-19)
Pre Nursery kid`s are preparing Mother`s day Craft
Nur f splash pool
Nur-B in play area
Skating Session KG A
Pre Nursery splash pool activity
Kids preparing Mother`s day craft
KG E_Just A Minute Competition
KG A Vegetable Printing
Just a minute Competition KG- D
Splash pool. Pictures Nur-C
Splash pool nur D
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