Photo Gallery

Splash pool activity- Nur D 16.07.19
Pre-Nursery Pictionary for letter D 16.07.19
Pre Nursery kids are colouring number 5 sheet and painting tortoise craft
Nursery E - walking on zig-zag line activity 16.07.19
Kids preparing craft 16.07.19
Clay modeling Nur f 16.07.19
Swimming Grade 4 A& 4 B 15.07.19
Swimming Grade 1& 2
Monsoon craft - umbrella decoration Nur D 15.07.19
Splash pool activity- Nur B 15.07.19
NUR A Splash pool (15-7-2019)
Malala Day assembly 15.07.19
Letter X using kulfi sticks Nur-B 15.07.19
P. E NurC 15.07.19
Music class Nur C 15.07.19
Making letter x with cotton bud(nursery-e) 15.07.19
Art and Craft NurC 15.07.19
Activity Making boat by paper folding 15.07.19
Nursery E- Quantification ctivity 15.07.19
Nursery E- Ice cream stick pasting on peacock 15.07.19
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