Trinity College of London

St. Xavier's High School in partnership with Trinity College of London is proud to bring world-class drama and speech classes for our students  starting from Grade Nursery and extending throughout all grade levels. Through this collaboration, students have the unique opportunity to immerse themselves in a curriculum renowned for its excellence and innovation in performing arts education.

Under the guidance of certified instructors and in accordance with Trinity College's esteemed standards, students  delves into the art of dramatic expression and effective communication right from their foundation years. From mastering the intricacies of character development to refining vocal techniques, these classes provide a comprehensive foundation for students to excel in the world of theatre and public speaking.

As part of this partnership, students have access to Trinity College's extensive resources, including a diverse range of performance materials, professional development opportunities, and internationally recognized certifications. Whether pursuing a career in the arts or simply seeking to enhance their communication skills, students benefits immensely from the expertise and prestige associated with Trinity College of London.
Through this partnership, our school is committed to nurturing the talents and aspirations of every student, fostering a culture of creativity, confidence, and collaboration.

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