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With all of your mind, can you imagine…
living a sacred and victorious life?
With all of your heart, can you believe…
that you’re covered by His righteousness?
With all of your might, can you achieve…
the desires that He has purposed for you?
So what do we do with our lives?
We leave only a mark.
Decide to give it all or nothing.
We can make a difference.
You can make a difference.

Live up to your dream
cause people are watching
this little old thing
can be such a tragic
so care who you are
and people will see
that you've got something special.

Dream, believe, achieve.
No matter how tough the battle may seem.
The journey is never easy
Nor was it meant to be.
Never stop improving.
Strive for excellence.

We cherish many dreams in mind;
But when the time comes we fail;
Knowledge of experience gives ideas;
That only can do miracles ever!
But simply dreaming gives pleasure.
And we forget time to implement!
Vision of the whole is needed
To have ambition and programme!
-Akshat Agarwal (6-A)

Once I saw a caterpillar all alone.
On a half-eaten leaf, it sat on its own
Its dreamy thoughts went up to the sky.
Imagining, once it shall be a butterfly.
But to be a butterfly, the little worm knew.
That a big cocoon it shall have to sew.
How shall I stay in a pupa without moving for so long?
Without eating for days, how can I remain strong?
It mourned out loud in panic and fear.
On hearing its cry, a kind butterfly came near.
The kind butterfly offered to teach it the way.
How to turn into a beautiful butterfly someday.
Imagine, Believe and Achieve is the key.
To become anything, you wish to be.
The caterpillar believed in these golden words.
And gathered strength for its journey onwards.
With utmost energy, all the leaves it started to munch and eat.
To stay in the cocoon patiently and perform the tough feat. 
It started to weave long threads of silk.
Within days, a pupa around itself it built.
Soon, a part of its skin turned black.
And delicate wings sprouted from its back.
One fine day the chrysalis burst open.
Emerged from it a magnificent butterfly of colour golden.
It dried its wings under the sun with pride.
And flew into the sky to mark its first big stride.
- Sonakshi Sanyal (6-A)

Year 2022 shall be more special than any other.
For it will be celebrated with joy and laughter.
We’ll do our best to make things right.
And will work hard - all day and night.

Let’s take a vow to help the poor.
By giving them alms more and more.
We’ll understand the meaning of a family
And live together happily.

Let’s maintain safety and personal hygiene.
Coz it’s essential for our well-being
We’ll enjoy next year all Corona-free.
Thereby, shall live together in peace and harmony.

We’ll celebrate the New Year in an eco-friendly way.
And continue to pray and value every day.

This is a promise from me and you 
Let’s make this pledge come true!

- Adrika Mukerji (IV- B)

Christmas is celebrated on the 25th of December. We celebrate Christmas because it is the birthday of Jesus Christ.
On Christmas we exchange gifts and sweets, bake cakes and go to Church to pray and sing Carols. We also decorate our homes with X-mas trees and wear new clothes.

As we fall asleep, Santa comes in a Reindeer cart and climbs quietly down the chimney with a bag filled with gifts and puts them near the tree.

I am happy that Santa gives me many gifts every year. I make muffins and orange juice for Santa as a return gift. I make a list of gifts I want from Santa and I promise my mom to be a good girl for the whole year so Santa will give me all the gifts I have in my list.
All of these things make Christmas my favourite festival and I wish all of you a Merry Christmas!!!

-- Rimaya Sharma(I-G)

Merry Christmas to my respected teachers and my dear friends. Hope you all are safe and doing great during this corona virus pandemic. As Christmas is round the corner, I would like to tell you the true meaning of Christmas for me with the help of a short story. For me the true meaning of Christmas is to make someone happy and fulfill their wishes.
Every Christmas, I wish to have a toy from my mom and dad being Santa for me to fulfill my wishes. On last Christmas, I wanted to have a dinosaur toy, so I went to a toy shop with my dad. When I was entering the toy shop with my dad, I saw a little boy standing in front of the shop with his mom and requesting her to get him a toy car. But his mom told him that she is not having enough money to get the car for him. He got sad and had tears in his eyes. I felt sad for the little boy and remembered that my mom always says the real happiness is to help others and make them happy. I requested my dad to get him a toy car as a Christmas gift. My dad felt so happy and bought a toy car for the little boy. I gave the car to the little boy and wished him Merry Christmas. The boy got so happy and so did I for bringing a smile on someone's face. I also got a huge dinosaur as my Christmas gift.
So, friends this Christmas please be someone's Santa and spread happiness all around you. Thank you and please be safe. Merry Christmas to all of you.

-Ayan Nandal (I- D)


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