Photo Gallery

KG E_Taekwondo
KG E_Dance
KG E_Clay Modelling
Yellow day take away craft Nur-A
Bubble warp painting Nur-A
PowerPoint presentation on Earthquake by Grade 8
Yellow day and Baisakhi celebration Nur-F
Walk on sleeping line activity (Nur E)
Hand printing activity (Nur E)
Yellow day and Baisakhi celebration (Nur E)
Assembly on vaishakhi
Activity for Yellow Color Pre-Nur
Walking on sleeping $ standing line activity Nur-C
Story narration Thirsty Crow Nur-C
Baisakhi and yellow day celebrations .... Take away craft Nur-C
Tracing sleeping line activity (Nur E)
Sleeping line with clay dough (Nur E)
Search your favorite shape Activity( Nur E)
play dough in clay modelling clas Nur-B
Nursery A activities
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