Photo Gallery

Activity - Umbrella decoration by Nur B 15.07.19
Lunch time and water rally practice. Kg G
Football game. Kg G
Clay modelling of umbrella Kg - G
Bubbles time and music class. Kg G
KG-A Special Assembly on Water conservation 12.07.19
Water rally pics of kg D 12.07.19
Nur f - swings time 12.07.19
Water Rally - Conserve Water Kg-G 12.07.19
Find the missing number game Kg-G 12.07.19
Discussion on Malala Day kg-G 12.07.19
Abstract Drawing Activity during Bubble period Grade 6
Football selection Grade 5 a &b 12.07.19
Grade 2 special assembly 12.07.19
Worksheet on cherry on cake Nur-C 12.07.19
Making letter X WITH EAR BUDS Nur-C 12.07.19
Earthen pot activity Nur C 12.07.19
Water Rally KG F 12.07.19
Water rally KG A 12.07.19
Nur -A Making X with cotton bud (12-7-19)
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