Photo Gallery

Manners before knowledge Nur-f 24.07.19
Manners before knowledge craft Nur D 24.07.19
Manner`s before knowledge activity done by kg B kids 24.07.19
Kg D rainbow colouring, manners before knowledge 24.07.19
Cotton dabbing Nur-F 24.07.19
Take Away (Manners before knowledge) Nur-C 23.07.19
Story timeThree little pigs Nur-C 23.07.19
Pre Nur Splash Pool activity23.07.19
Pre Nur Manners before knowledge- Let`s be Kind and Polite 23.07.19
Pre Nur Activity for number 5
Nursery E - Number 9 Activity 23.07.19
Nursery E - Manners before knowledge craft 23.07.19
Nursery C (Activity pasting newspaper balls on number 9) 23.07.19
Nur- B Manners before knowledge 23.07.19
Nur B - News Paper Balls pasting on number 9
Newspaper ball activity on number 9 Nur D 23.07.19
Mnners before knowledge craft Nur D 23.07.19
Manners before knowledge Nur-F 23.07.19
Dance class Nur C 23.07.19
Activity- pasting news paper balls on number 9 Nur-F 23.07.19
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