Foundational (PN - II)

Early Years-Empowering Education

The early years are critical years for a child’s growth and development. Secure, safe and happy childhood with exceptional quality learning during these years provide a strong foundation for lifelong learning and wellbeing.

At St. Xavier’s every student feels welcomed and cared for, where a safe and stimulating learning environment exists, where a wide range of learning experiences are offered, and where good physical infrastructure and appropriate resources conducive to learning are available to all students.

The child’s needs are at the centre of our vision. We assure sound, creative, exciting and innovative years of growth and learning. There is a strong emphasis to make children feel safe, secure and of course, loved each day as they enter the school. 

Taking cognisance of the challenges in the 21st century, we focus on developing the 5Cs in the early years: communication skills, critical thinking, creativity, collaboration, and character building. Our multifaceted, activity-based and discovery-based learning develops all aspects of learners’ personality from cognitive to social, emotional, creative and physical. It instils good behaviour, courtesy, ethics, teamwork and cooperation among children. 

The curriculum of the foundational stage is child-centric and activity-oriented. Each child is motivated to ask questions and experience the learning first hand. Our multi-sensory learning approach looks after the overall development of children and helps in building critical and problem-solving thinking. Xaveriansdevelop holistically to become problem solvers and citizens of the world, recognizing and celebrating their uniqueness and understanding their role in our community.

At Xavier’s, we aim to lay a strong foundation for a positive attitude towards learning and pave a path for higher goals during the formative years of a child’s learning journey.

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