Photo Gallery

Kg F fingerprint activity in rectangle 24.04.19
Coloring activity @ nur-c 24.04.19
Leaf printing activity Nur-F 24.04.19
Leaf painting for letter L Nur-E 24.04.19
Kg. D physical activities
Grade 2-C Sakting class 24.04.19
Dance on action song nur F 24.04.19
Dance class Nur-f 24.04.19
Dance class Nur-A(23-04-19)
Clay modelling class Nur-A (22-04-2019)
Nature walk pics of Kg-F students
Music class Nur-F
Grade 4- A, football class
Nursery c sports period
Earthday celebration Nur-C
PE. Class Nursery A
PE class Nursery-F
Nur C class activity on Health and Hygiene
Primary colour activity(blue colour) Nur-A
P.E class Nur-A
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