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testiquote Online education has changed the way of teaching. It enables Agamjot to reach out to his teacher, Pavneet Ma'am, more efficiently and effectively through video meetings. Agam finds it easier to communicate to his teacher and I believe traditional offline learning and this type of learning can go hand by hand. The structured environment was provided by his teachers. The concerted effort to provide the structure and going beyond and replicating a physical class through video capabilities and using a range of collaboration tools and engagement methods promoted personalization and intelligence for Agamjot. I am extremely satisfied to have Pavneet Ma'am as a class teacher of Agam. She brings calmness to the class and has patience to deal with students. Agamjot speaks freely to his teachers because of the comfort zone provided. I have been a part of the interactive online classes and can clearly vouch for the indelible efforts put by all teachers to minimize the challenges associated with online classes. I would like to profoundly appreciate the efforts of Pavneet Ma'am, all other teachers, and staff for the smooth functioning of online classes.
Jaspreet Kaur | Mother of Agamjot Singh KG B   Posted on 23-Jul-2021
testiquote St. Xavier’s covers all aspects very well which encompasses the overall development of child. We are really satisfied with academics (overall curriculum) and Co-Curricular activities.
Neha Gangele | Mother of Kanishka Dadwal KG C   Posted on 23-Jul-2021
testiquote The online classes are an innovative way to keep the learning going on. Due to the intensive efforts of St. Xavier’s and the teachers, our children are getting education in a safe and comfortable environment at home .Your continuous efforts to make study more interesting is really appreciable. We are very happy to see our son’s progress. Online classes are been taken at a very excellent level by you ma'am. The way you teach small students is very appreciable. We are very happy with everything and feel lucky to have you as our Son's Class Teacher.
Ritika Nasa Arora | Mother of Bhavyam Arora KG A   Posted on 23-Jul-2021
testiquote I, wholeheartedly want to express my feelings about the wonderful ecosystem of education you have in St Xavier’s. Your expertise in teaching has put our minds at ease. With your guidance, my children have developed sense of confidence and curiosity. Evidently, their literacy and numeracy skills have developed considerably being under your care and guidance. Teachers require so many positive qualities like care, compassion, patience and commitment.The teachers of Xaviers have all these qualities in abundance. Specially in this pandemic time the way you people have handled the mental decorum of all the kids is really commendable. I'd like to specially mention here the polite manner in which teacher converse with young kids. That really takes away the fear of school in children. Thank you for being such an important part in my child’s development. My children are truly blessed to be a part of St Xaviers and I am glad we chose this school for our kids.
Neha Anand | Mother of Abeer Chopra Grade II_B   Posted on 23-Jul-2021
testiquote We thank you St. Xavier's School and all dear educator’s those who put all their efforts towards our child in this pandemic situation, we understand the difficulty to manage online virtual classes with small kids. I am glad to share my positive feedback for all educators; they have compassion, patience and commitment. I can see the growth & development in my child.
Pushpa Soni | Mother of Reyansh Soni Nursery-B   Posted on 22-Jul-2021
testiquote Overall we are satisfied with the school management and all the teachers who are organizing all the online classes which have been effective so far. We also want to convey our thanks to Ms. Swati ma'am for the way she handles the online classes and also take care of all the children with a loving and caring touch. We are grateful to have a teacher like her, who focuses on each and every kid. Thank you for being so supportive and helpful.
Kamakshi Dhar | Mother of Krithvik Dhar Nursery-A   Posted on 22-Jul-2021
testiquote It has been a very nice journey with Xavier’s since March....the kind of motivation which was given by the teacher to Tejas encouraged him to learn online...he now eagerly waits for his classes to begin ...and really he has developed such a good connect with ma’am that he wants to share each and everything with his loving mam. A lot of learning has happened in last few months and I can see the change in him...he also now tries to speak in English. Thanks a lot mam and Xavier's ...doing great job for kids during these tough times.
Shraddha Srivastava | Mother of Tejas Srivastava KG-D   Posted on 22-Jul-2021
testiquote Thank you so much Mansi mam and Vaishali mam for the amazing job that you do. Knowing that you care for our kid gives us the confidence and reassurance we need through tough times like COVID. You take care of every single child in class in such a beautiful and loving way.. Kushagra loves u lot.
Shilpa Rathore | Mother of Kushagra Singh Sharma KG-C   Posted on 22-Jul-2021
testiquote When we were looking out for a good school for our son, we consulted so many parents in our society and outside the society, the one name which stood out was St. Xavier's High School. We are glad that we enrolled our son in this prestigious school. Really thankful to all the teachers and staff for executing the online classes for these Pre-Primary kids in these difficult times. The content and presentation in the classes are so impressive that my 5 year old son is always eager to join the class. The time and efforts invested by the teachers with these pre-primary kids are commendable. Thank you for being such an excellent educational institution.
Megha Gupta Singh | Mother of Yuvaan Singh KG-A   Posted on 22-Jul-2021
testiquote For past sixteen months, our journey with the school has been pleasant and I can see my kid experiencing the joy of learning new things every day. The methodology which is being followed like live experiments, art and crafts and other activities has made my child to swiftly recall whatever she has been learning. The screen content which is being prepared by the teachers is relevant to the concepts and very catchy in order to be grasped by the kids easily. Co-curricular sessions, special assemblies, cultural and competitive sessions being held online is really appreciable and has helped my kid to keep her spirits up. The ease of learning amidst difficult times definitely depends on the combined measures of the teachers, the institution and the parents. I am happy to witness such healthy environment with Xavier's so far. I make sure that my kid attends her online classes and recapitulation regularly which is the most important in this prevailing pandemic to overcome the odds.
Sangeetha C | Mother of Takshvi Kartick KG-A   Posted on 22-Jul-2021
testiquote We always wondered how teachers are capable of making these tiny people learn so many incredible things. Like it is said “Every Cloud has a silver lining”, this pandemic gave us an opportunity to witness this learning process through online sessions for our son Viraj. He enjoys sitting in the virtual sessions and learning with his friends. Thanks to the teachers at St. Xavier’s, they put in their best effort to teach these little ones while ensuring that they don’t feel the pressure rather enjoy the sessions. The activity based learning method helps him to think and apply his own imagination and allows him to explore his creative side. We really laud the efforts of the teachers and the school of course for how they have carefully planned and are executing the entire curriculum. Really thankful!
Khushbu | Mother of Viraj Singh Virk Nursery-C   Posted on 22-Jul-2021
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