Principal's Message

Dear parents and my children, 

You are the most valuable asset on the campus and the life and spirit of a great institution. When we look around us, we always feel the need of purposeful, responsible, sensitive individuals who would understand what's required of them when it comes to applying their education to real use. 

We, at St Xavier's wish to do the same with our children where we dream to take our children entrusted to us to a level where they may be seen as problem solving, solution oriented compassionate human beings who are progressive in nature, firm of resolve yet humble and empathetic to the core to the needs of the fellow beings transcending cultures and nationalities, regions and languages. 

We aim to cultivate through our education equality of genders and respect for the values left by our forefathers even while looking ahead in future time, nurture free minded creativity, enthuse fervor with sensitivity towards issues concerning all as the joy of living. The learning within the classroom and outside must be of similar kind and purpose to be effective in building confident children and the society at large. 

It's a collective onus on the school and parents to carve out a time and environment for our children where they love to live, grow safely and confident, aware and influencing change. I come with genuine hope we will bring about the best out of all of us as we truly deserve while being a part of this wonderful school working towards a common goal in perfect harmony. 

I feel proud to be a part of this large family of Xavier's that absorbs one so effortlessly and I look forward to bringing to the table an open minded democratic approach to learning together as a cohesive team of thinking individuals. 

Let's join hands and make a concerted effort working to bring a joyful, loving experience to the most important resource entrusted to us, our children, with utmost responsibility and care believing so and always reminding ourselves that we are the chosen ones. 

God bless 
Dr. R.Alfred

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