Helen O’ Grady

The need of the hour is for children to be confident; develop self-esteem; be eloquent and have the ability to project themselves well and retain their skill to imagine and create which often gets lost as they make their journey from childhood onwards.
Helen O’ Grady International is an Edu Drama Academy which helps educational institutes in making all this possible by using drama as a medium to help children find a voice and believe in themselves.
The Helen O’Grady Speech & Drama Programme with age-appropriate curriculum aims at developing communication skills, overall personality development, creativity, imagination, self-expression, self- confidence, self-esteem and social skills. The focus of this program is on the learning and development that takes place in the regular weekly classes as oppose to a mere stage show. Universal values are deftly woven into the themes and participants are exposed to experiential learning. Such learning is fun and learning with fun is not just accepted well by the students but also retained!!
So St. Xavier’s High School gives opportunities to the children from an early stage in life, to be confident, be creative, communicate well and know how to collaborate for the greater good of humanity, we can be rest assured that we have a confident, emotionally healthy, wise and competent generation getting ready to lead our country.

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