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Webinar on:- Managing the lockdown syndrome
The webinar was conducted on 20th June 2020 to choose hope and faith over fear and live life with the right attitude.   



    Webinar on:- Rediscover Your Inner Voice
    The webinar was conducted on 13th June 2020 to turn negative thoughts into positive one and the find the bright side of current situation.   



      Webinar on:- Parenting tips for vacations
      A techniques to helps the parents to take care of children during these extra ordinary circumstances was the topic of discussion of the webinar which took place on 6th June 2020.   



        Go Genius: Non-Stop learning, Non-Stop fun

        Vacations are all about fun, frolic, getting up late in the morning, playing and having fun with family and watching favourite shows on television. However, it’s also the time to explore inner talent and spent time to gain proficiency in it.

        Xavier’s ‘Go Genius’ Virtual lockdown summer camp was an endeavour to make vacations more captivating and meaningful. Students continued to learn with a plethora of activities. All enrichment activities were devised to make Xavierians independent and facilitate their contribution in home during the time of Pandemic.

                 A Quick Glance: Go Genius

        Art and Craft: Through Art and Craft activities students nourished, unleashed their creativity and excelled the skills of experimenting and expressing without inhibitions.

        Penman: Good handwriting skills lead to strong performance and keep children focused. Calligraphy, the art of excellence and learning the technical skills of letter formation was excelled splendidly by Xavierians.

        Snack Zone: Learning to cook is a life skill the child can use for the rest of its life. It was fun for Xavierians to discover the inner chef and reinvigorate their enthusiasm for cooking by making healthy scrumptious no fire snacks in an easy-peasy manner.

        Fit Trip: Children who exercise regularly demonstrate greater attentional inhibition and cognitive flexibility. Exercises of Fit trip promoted healthy living style among students, boosted their immunity system and rejuvenated them.

        Cyber Techies: Technology is an absolute need; we cannot escape it. It plays an inevitable part in our every day’s life. Xavierians used technology adequately and upgraded their technical skills in Cyber Techies sessions.

        Story Telling: The fun and engaging stories captured students’ attention and mesmerised them. They developed understanding, respect and appreciation for life skills with an everlasting impact on their mind.

        Besides all these enthralling activities, Xavierians also enjoyed music, dance, Zumba sessions, games, puzzles and theme parties. The joy of achievement and accomplishment was visible on everyone’s face. It was stupendous to see Xavierians learning and growing every day.