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“A nation’s culture resides in the hearts and soul of its people.”

26th January, the historical day to remember our freedom fighters and national heroes who suffered to give us a Republic nation was celebrated with great fervor and enthusiasm on January 24, 2020 at St. Xavier’s High School, Sector 81, Gurugram.

Hues of nationalism and patriotism was spread all around by the special assembly conducted by grade VI. Our ancestors gave us a glorious past and we need to create the future was the call of the day which was introduced confidently by Arushi Yadav of Grade VI in her eloquent speech. It was followed by pinning of badge, prayer, news and thought.

The assembly moved ahead with thoughtful words by Unaiza and Janhvi, filled with faith, pride in heart and memories in soul. Patriotic poems by Aarav and Harshit instilled unconditional love for one’s nation in everyone’s heart. The melodious choir group commemorated the day with immense enthusiasm, joy and patriotism. Interesting facts about the country were presented excellently by Sania and Pavani which made everyone feel proud to be an Indian. The assembly moved forward with reproduction of major events like Dandi March, Making of the Constitution etc., which was spectacular and left the audience awe struck seeing the feeling of sacrifice, humility, patriotism in the national heroes. Radiant and vibrant dance performance by the students aptly reflected the grandeur and dynamism of the nation.

Words of appreciation and motivation from the respected Headmistress spread more cheer around. The auspicious day ended with the singing of National Anthem with great pride and honour.

The day truly turned out to be monumental one by watching a video about the making of Indian Constitution. The joy of being an Indian was immeasurable and each was engrossed in the feeling of nationalism by the end of the day.

    Freedom in Mind, Faith in Words, Pride in our Heart, Memories in our souls.

    Let’s salute the nation on REPUBLIC DAY.

    On the occasion of the 71st Republic Day, the tiny tots of Pre- Nursery and Nursery – E of St. Xavier’s High School, Sector-81, celebrated the glory of the heritage and sovereignty of our nation through a Special Assembly.

      A patriotic fervor warmed up the cold winter morning as it filled with the excitement of the students who were enthusiastically participating. Students by turn came on stage and spoke liners on Republic Day.

        Three short dance performances also reinforced the values of unity and patriotism. The program culminated with the singing of National Anthem. The exuberance of the performances touched all those who were present.

    At the end, the respected Pre-primary coordinator Ms. Shivani  Mehra appreciated the students with her enlightening words.

      ‘Giving’ can make a difference to others and in turn we achieve a sense of empowerment, pride, and accomplishment.

      The Xavierians were truly empowered and gained a sense of accomplishment by their visit to Robin Hood Army NGO and slum clusters in the vicinity of the school with the respected Director Sir.

      With the aim to invoke service in the mind of students, and enable them to experience generosity, kindness, helpfulness, unselfishness, sacrifice, giving, service, love etc which are important aspects of humanity, students from the School Council got an opportunity to visit NGOs.

      Stationery and packed food items were generously donated by Xavierians during the ‘Joy of Giving Week’. The happiness that one gets by making others happy is priceless, which was evident on the faces of all the children who donated something.

      The things collected were distributed among the not so fortunate people residing near the school in slum clusters from 17th January – 23rd January, 2020. The students also undertook the act of kindness with immense passion and enthusiasm. The positive energy and feel good factor was quite evident on the faces of Xavierians, gaiety and love also ushered in from the young children of the NGOs.

      Counseling of the parents residing in these slum clusters was also undertaken by the respected Director Sir. They were made aware about the need of education and were encouraged to educate their children.

      Xavier’s Inclination towards social responsibility and to propagate education was rightly achieved by this small act of kindness, ultimately encouraging the culture of giving among its students.

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