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Student Exchange Programmes are an integral part of Xavier’s philosophy. It is one of the best ways to challenge students to develop a global perspective. It enriches the personal development of students with life enriching experiences. These interactions have proved to be effective platforms for exchange of pedagogical practices, networking, imbibing of new styles, building connections and giving insights into different cultures.

St. Xavier’s High School, Gurugram got a momentous opportunity to host a delegation of 13 students and three teachers from Sangwon Elementary School, South Korea. The Korean Delegation landed in India on December 23, 2019 and was cordially welcomed at St Xavier’s High School, Sector 49, Gurugram. The day was well planned for the Korean delegation and the exposure to Indian culture initiated with full zeal.

The gracious Indian families received the Korean guests with oodles of warmth. The group embarked on a joyful journey of experiencing food and different colours of India.

The entire week was well formulated with activities to facilitate experiential learning about the Indian culture. The spirit and fervor was immense when the delegation visited  Akshardham, Kidzania, Korean Cultural Centre and embassy, Humayun Tomb, Parliament Street, Sai Baba Temple and India Gate. The children demonstrated exemplary spirit and were a part of the Indian system and got accustomed to the Indian traditions within no time. They let their taste buds relish the Indian delicacies with much taste and fun.

The guests were affectionately received at St. Xavier’s High School, Sector 81,Gurugram on December 27, 2019. They were welcomed in a traditional way with tilak and garlands, followed by a crisp and brisk march past by the Student Council. The Korean delegation got a commendable insight into the Indian culture with lamp lighting, melodious songs, vibrant dances and the national anthem of India and Korea. The address by the respected Director Sir, Mohit Sachdeva, Headmistress, Sarika R Chopra and Principal Sangwon Elementary School, Yer Yanggu was heartening. The vivacious presentation was followed by visit of the school and an active participation in Art and Craft class and leg cricket. The potter’s wheel was a great attraction as they observed how the potter moulds the clay into creative artefacts and also laid their hands into learning the nuances of pottery.

The day ended with handing over the souvenirs as a token of love from St. Xavier’s High School, Gurugram. It was not easy to bid them farewell because of the jocund week spent together, but as its said goodbyes are not forever but until we meet again.

This programme was a milestone in personal and professional journey of knowing each other’s country and people.

The report cannot be concluded without mentioning the unstinted support and involvement of the host families for taking that extra step to acclimatize themselves with a new culture.

We wish this relationship between India and South Korea to strengthen with each passing year.

    Ho Ho Ho- It’s Christmas Time!

    Christmas Celebration- 2019@ St. Xavier’s High School,Sector-81

    Temperatures  touched the chilly Fahrenheit of what we call the ‘full swing’ of winters in Gurugram. However , the heat was at St. Xavier’s High School,Sector-81,on 24th December,2019. The entire school was swept by the Christmas spirit with much fervor. It was the day full of fun  filled activities at the school ,which was embellished with Christmas theme. The celebration commenced with a bang as the students decked up with Santa caps and headgears, witnessed a special assembly on Christmas. The  mesmerizing carols and foot tapping dance performance, were a treat to watch. The assembly quite smoothly exhorted the children with a message of spreading joy and love among needy people on this special day. It glistened with the medals of the achievers of  International General Knowledge Olympiad. The felicitation was done by honourable Headmistress who appreciated their efforts with warm wishes. The assembly reached its denouement with the pearls of wisdom by esteemed Headmistress among thunderous applaud. The fun continued in the classrooms where in children avidly enjoyed their Christmas activities.  The activities enabled the children to be the part of decorations which elated them to the sky.

    Caught in wheel of fun and excitement, the children at the school ground enjoyed the unlimited sprawl of exciting games complimented with surprise gifts, like feed the Santa, Dart Game, Bowling and many more. The school’s sprawling ground bore a very festive look with Christmas colours and peppy music, strewn all over it. The entire ground buzzed with the fun and frolic of Xavierians. Proving to be a buzz in the town for its stack of laughter and merriment , Christmas mini felt marked an unforgettable impression on  the young minds.

      When they saw the star, they rejoiced with exceedingly great joy.    Matthew 2:10

      Christmas is a celebration of spreading happiness, bonding and love. St. Xavier's High School was abuzz with yuletide spirits and festivities packed to usher in the holiday season through the special assembly by KG A, B and C. 

      The assembly began with a short briefing about the festival of Christmas. Cute kiddies fervently sang Christmas carols "Mary's Boy Child, Deck To the Hall, Holly Jolly Christmas" getting everybody into the spirit of Christmas and it’s gaiety. 

      There was a short and entertaining skit through Nativity Play sharing the message from special angels. Dressed in the spirit of Christmas, kids enacted out their parts with enthusiasm enchanting everyone to the excitement of the festival. 

      The school echoed with the songs of the seasons and celebratory Ball Dance, Shephard Dance and Angel Dance added more exuberance to the festivities. 

      The sights and sounds of Christmas, laughter and joy of the children was the best way to end the year and welcome another one with outstretched arms.


        Inter House Cricket Match @ St. Xavier’s High School, Sector 81


        Sports are epitome of hard work and dedication. To reach the pinnacle of sports an Inter House Cricket match was held at St. Xavier’s High School, Sector 81 on December 06, 2019.
        The Inter House Cricket Match played between the four houses was actually about those exciting and incredible moments which we always wish to remember. The semifinal matches were played between St. Michael House and St. Raphael House and between St. Nicholas House and St. Patrick House. The match started by breaking of the coconut by respected Headmistress Ms. Sarika R Chopra and the Sports Captain as a good omen. The toss was won by St. Raphael and St. Nicholas and both the winning teams chose to bowl first. Both the teams were careful for first few deliveries and slowly looked comfortable in the field.  The teams played exceptionally well in their ten over and none was able to make out which team will win. With the ground filled with lots of cheering from the spectators the semi final match was won by St. Nicholas and St. Raphael. Both the houses looked enthusiastic, prepped and geared for the final match.

        Both the teams were decked up to prove their mettle. The enthusiastic crowd experienced a thrilling performance with the two teams exhibiting their best in the limited over match. The teams had put in a lot of hard work, leadership, perseverance and much more. The players from both the houses played really well and showcased their strength of batting and their bowling skills in the final match.

        The ground was fully packed with enthusiasts. The players were cheered at every ball and a loud shout on every bowl well batted. The atmosphere was full of fun, joy, cheers and even with moments which were tense.

        St. Nicholas House rejoiced as they emerged victorious and won the game.

        The spirit of the players and the audience was well appreciated by encouraging words from the esteemed Headmistress.

        The match was held in order to encourage sportsmanship spirit and groom the students in the sports domain which was well achieved.


          Inter House Leg Cricket Match@ St. Xavier’s High School, Sector-81

           ‘The spirit, the will to win and the will to excel are the things that endure.

          These qualities are so much more important than the events that occur.’

          When students are physically fit, they will achieve more academically.Sports develop a sense of friendliness among the children along with the team spirit. It enables children to be mentally and physically tough. Sport shapes their body and make it strong and active. St. Xavier’s High School with the aim to encourage sportsmanship spirit and groom the students in the sports domain organised an Inter House Leg Cricket Match on 6th December, 2019, Friday for grades I-IV. The matches were played among the four houses- St. Patrick, St. Raphael, St. Michael and St. Nicholas. The teams were made after the preliminary selection round held well in advance in the school premises. All the players had practiced for their respective houses with much vigour. The final match was played between St. Raphael house and St. Patrick House with high fervor. At first the score board inclined towards St. Patrick house team shooting swiftly but within no time St. Raphael house team completely turned the situation and marked their success with a lead of 7 runs. St. Raphael house team’s bowling part was appreciable. All the students were decked up to prove their mettle. The enthusiastic crowd experienced a thrilling performance with the two teams exhibiting their best in the limited overs match. At last, after facing a quite tough competition

           St. Raphael House team defeated St. Patrick House team by 7runs and brought laurels to their house.

           St. Raphael team’s batsmen were at their best as they constrained St. Patrick team’s batsmen. While the winners were applauded by the esteemed Headmistress and the gathering, the efforts of the runners up were equally applauded.        


          ‘Sports do not build character. They reveal it.’

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