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Class Presentation by KG B

The world’s finest wilderness lies beneath the waves of our ethereal and majestic oceans and seas. The ocean is the cornerstone of earth’s life support. It holds most of the life on earth and is the blue heart of our planet. But while there are indefinite reasons to love and respect our oceans, we are failing in doing our bit. Our oceans are up against problems like plastic pollution and overfishing.

The children of KG B presented their C2B on Marine Life. They confidently emphasized the importance of saving the ocean life of the plants, animals, and other organisms. They talked about their vital role in helping us to sustain on planet Earth. They also spoke about ways to curb pollution and making marine life healthier. Children were equally excited to have their grandparents in the audience. Grandparents are an essential and beautiful part of our children’s lives. Kids showered their love on their grandparents through a special performance. There was a ramp walk by the parents and grandparents, which made the event even more vibrant.

Respected Sarika Ma’am and Shivani Ma’am continually encouraged and motivated the children throughout their performance.

It is important to remember that the ocean’s resources are finite. Marine life should be safeguarded because when we protect our oceans, we are protecting our future.

    Class Presentation by KG - A “Marine Life “



    The ocean has many wonderful and beautiful sights. We humans can only admire the vast horizon and turquoise water. The magical beauty of underwater life was brought alive through Class Presentation by KG A on “Marine Life”.

    The oceans are vast environments with an amazing variety of plant and animal species. Healthy oceans are vital to the planet’s biological web. The refreshing, beautiful and humbling ocean and seas are facing threat from water pollution which is destroying the magical and incredible marine life. The kids spoke about what needs to be done to restore the beauty of underwater world. The little ones presented it in a form of small play which was performed beautifully.

    One of the most beautiful relationships in a child's life is his relation with his grandparents.  As Joyce Allston has rightly said “Grandparents, like heroes, are as necessary to a child's growth as Vitamins."  So to pay tribute to their grandparents and celebrate this bond, children gave a special performance. The grandparents and parents had a lovely time walking down the ramp and cherishing the moments to the fullest.

    The event was graced by respected Sarika Ma'am and Shivani Ma’am who thoroughly enjoyed the show and highlighted the devastation of the marine ecosystem and how many species, including humans, which depend on the ocean's resources for survival are struggling to fight the pollution. They both educated the audience and kids about the deleterious effects of pollution which can wreak the oceans inhabitant and committed to safeguarding marine species and their habitats.


      Class Presentation  by KG E  Glimpse of India

      Today Let Us Remember The Golden Heritage Of Our County And Feel Proud To Be A Part Of India'

      India, an ancient country where many civilizations emerged, flourished and perished. Being seventh largest country in the world, India is blessed with vast, rich culture and heritage. One can witness the various diversities, architectural marvels and cultural institutions that dot the geographical expanse of India.

            Describing it in words is not possible as the roots of this ancient country are endless and undepictable. The little kiddies of KG E evoked the nationalistic fervour of India and showcased the kaleidoscopic colours of our glorious country through their Class Presentation on the enriching topic 'Glimpse of India'.

          Kids dressed in ethnic costumes of different states mesmerized the audience who witnessed the aesthetic tour of lndia learning about varied culture, traditions, festivals, architects, religions, customs, languages, dance,  cuisines etc. The young kids with great exuberance invoked pride in the heart to be a part of such vivacious country depicted alluringly in beautiful backdrop. The foot tapping music and dance enthralled the audience.

           Vivacious grandparents participated in ramp walk charming everyone and created memories with their adorable grandkids. Headmistress Ma'am Ms. Sarika Chopra and Coordinator Ma'am Ms. Shivani Mehra encouraged everyone to assimilate the best of our culture and heritage in a modest attempt to keep alive the contributing force amongst us with a vision for peace, harmony and love.

        Class Presentation – K.G. – C, National Integration.

        ‘Let go….like a caterpillar that eventually turns into butterfly-‘

         We consider all Xaverians like a butterfly. Some can fly high than others, but each one is beautiful, each one is special, and each one is different.

        On the occasion of the class presentation of KG C we the educators clearly gave this message to all. Our all Xaverians are genius at something. At St Xavier’s High School we the educators find the talent and give the correct  shape.

        Today’s class presentation of KGC is the proof of this.. From introducing the topic to Vote of thanks the little ones confidently represented themselves with a great effort.

        The program took off with Lord’s prayer followed by physical exercises. . After the introduction and explanation of the topic ‘National Integration ‘  Children recited a poem  on importance of various colours in our life and they also explained   why unity in diversity is important to us- they gave us that message through their speeches that India is a country in which every great religion finds a home.  No one is superior or inferior ,we all should strive for the interest of all and progress collectively.

         Along with this they  also showed their love for their all time favourite grandparents! It is true that the thought of going to grandparent’s house is a sheer pleasure for all of us irrespective of the age. The little xaverians delightedly sang for their grandparents.

        The ramp walk of grandparents added sprinkle of stardust over the show.

        We like to take this opportunity to thank them for their valuable time they spent with us- we wish all the happiness to those who are a little bit of parents, a little bit of teachers and a little bit of friend. 

          Janmashtami Celebration @ St. Xavier’s High School, Sector - 81


          Janmashtami, the festival that commemorates the birth of Lord Krishna was celebrated with great zeal and enthusiasm on August 26, 2019 at St. Xavier’s High School, sector – 81.

          One steps into the school and gets the good vibes of the festival from the beautiful and enticing décor. The day was marked more vibrant and enchanting by the special assembly conducted by the fervent students of grades I and II and the icing on the cake was the presence of the respected director sir, Mr. Mohit Sachdeva who witnessed the assembly.

          The confident orators of grade II warmly welcomed the guests, for being a part of the assembly which was followed by the auspicious lamp lighting ceremony by the esteemed dignitaries. By seeking the blessings of the Lord Almighty the assembly commenced.

          An intriguing  skit, with diverse ‘Leelas’ of Sri Krishna, from his birth and childhood was enacted by the students illustrating the fact that whenever there will be dominance of malevolence ‘He’ will reincarnate to destroy the evil and save the good. The skit left the audience awe struck and was praised by a loud applause. It was further brought to life by the scintillating dance performances that represented His ‘Leelas’ and depicted the importance of the occasion. This was followed by incredible recitation of shlokas with their meaning given by Sri Krishna in the battle field by the marvelous Xavierians.

          Vote of thanks was extended by the fabulous speakers followed by words of wisdom from the respected headmistress Ms. Sarika R. Chopra. Sir was heartily thanked for being a part of the celebration. Following which ma’am enlightened the students about the teachings of Lord Krishna that each one of us can incorporate in their lives for being better human beings.

          Directed sir also shared his experiences at the end. He enlightened the students about the significance of the festival, seeing Krishna as a perfect personification of divinity and the reasons why to this day hundreds of millions of people pray to him, chant his names, meditate on his form and try to put his teachings into practice. 

          He made the students aware that Bhagavad Gita, comprises of lessons for humanity that one should always remember to lead a happy and righteous life.


          The assembly concluded with the national anthem. The day etched the lessons of Lord Sri Krishna in the minds and hearts of all the students.

                                                                  Class presentation =KG-F -JANMASHTAMI

            To seek the blessings of Lord Krishna, the festival of Janmashtami was celebrated by KG- F students as the topic of their class presentation at St. Xavier’s High School with much mirth and joy. The grandparents & parents were welcomed in a traditional way with roli teeka.

            Students donned the roles of Lord Krishna, Radha  & gopikas amongst many other characters related to Janmashtami. They truly won the hearts of the spectators by being dressed in the attire of Krishna, Radha & various other characters and enacted their respective roles perfectly. The event comprised of group dance & a skit on the life of Lord Krishna. The pranks of Lord Krishna made the event more fun & lively.

            Beautiful backdrop and props were prepared with flowers & other decorations to signify the importance of Janmashtami. The love between Lord Krishna & mother Yashoda was well narrated & enacted. The program also created awareness about Indian tradition, customs, and culture. It conveyed the strong message of “victory of good over evil”.

            The grandparents & parents had a great time watching their kids performing confidently on the stage. After that, they had a gala time participating in one of the old and all-time favourite games - “Antakshari.” They sang very well & relived their memories with old songs and also the new ones. Grandparents & parents received a token of love from their kids that was prepared & decorated by the kids themselves. The event was well appreciated by the Head Mistress Ma’am and the Coordinator Ma’am. The exhilarated response from the parents and grandparents was quite evident.

              Best Out of Waste: Reinforcing through Craft the value of 3 R’s (Reduce, Reuse and Recycle) among students @ St.Xavier’s High School,sec.81.


               "Creativity, as has been said, consists largely of rearranging what we know in order to find out what we do not know. Hence, to think creatively, we must be able to look afresh at what we normally take for granted."--- George Kneller.

              Best out of Waste is one such craft which follows this environmental friendly principle and at the same time creates useful and picturesque objects out of waste products. In order to make children aware with the uses of waste material, and to give them a lesson on reducing waste to save our future, a ‘Best out of Waste’ Inter Class Competition was organized for the students of grades    I-IV  at St.Xavier’s High School, Sec.81, on 9th August, 2019.

               Little hands and imaginative minds came together in a creative burst of energy. Mind-blowing, beyond expectation, fantabulous ideas were demonstrated by students. They prepared very creative and innovative photo frames from different waste materials. They used reusable and recyclable materials like news papers, shoe boxes, bangles, ice cream sticks and much more. From these items, they created an amazing array of photo frames leaving everyone totally impressed. The values like preservation, recycling, conservation, reduce, reuse etc. were imbibed in the young hearts and minds by demonstrating this noble act of caring for the environment. It helped the students to develop their fine motor skills while using different kinds of materials and also encouraged them to use waste material for making decorative and useable items like photo frame.

              It was amazing to see how scrap could be transformed into such useful and beautiful articles. The creativity and artistic streak of the children were keenly observed by the facilitators and the selectors. The palette of winners selected by a board of selectors is as follows.

              I position – Anisha Sharma – III B

              II position- Panav Saraf- III B

              III position- Gurman Singh- III B



                INTER HOUSE COMPETITION ON 05-08-19



                Confident presentation of thoughts and opinions was made by the zealous Xavierians of grades V-VIII in an Inter House Competition on August 05, 2019 on the current hot topic, Kashmir issues Articles 370 and 35 A. It was enthralling to witness on stage students’ perspectives on such issues of global concern.

                The participants were enthusiastic in giving their views and displayed a deep understanding of the topic.
                The event aimed to give an impetus to the bright and energetic students on Kashmir issues and at the same time inculcate in them a spirit of competitiveness and confidence.

                The participants were well prepared and undoubtedly convinced the audience of their beliefs and views. The participants, armed with statistics and data made their arguments more emphatic with their righteous facial expressions and voice modulation. They exhibited great oratory skill. The competition was an enthralling experience for the speakers as well as the audience.

                The aim of the competition was to hone public speaking skills of the students and teach them to be articulate while expressing their thoughts and opinions. The day was marked important for another reason. While the participants were expressing their views, the government passed the notification of the article being scraped.

                The respected headmistress Ms. Sarika R Chopra praised all the participants for their eloquent and enthusiastic presentation. The activity gave the students creative room to express what they feel. Simultaneously the length and breadth of knowledge that they gained through it is simply unparalleled.

                The proud winners are:


                Student’s Name




                Ekaansh Singh


                St. Patrick


                Utkarsh Chaturvedi


                St. Patrick


                Agrima Puri


                St. Patrick






                Sana Jindal


                St. Michael


                Harshit Mishra


                St. Michael


                Prachi Prasad

                V B

                St. Michael






                Deesha Verma

                V B

                St. Nicholas


                Aarushi Yadav


                St. Nicholas


                Aaradhya Sharma

                V A

                St. Nicholas






                Chaitanya R. Kale


                St. Raphael


                Dhriti Agarwal

                V A

                St. Raphael


                Parv Jain

                V B

                St. Raphael







                   “I am a Scientist is a powerful new tool for getting students excited for science- Alex Taylor”

                  The primary nature of the students is curious. They want to know and explore anything and everything. They want to question everything and find new dimensions to the things. All these traits and characters are at its peak when the child is in primary class. Keeping this in view, St.Xavier’s High School, sector 81, channelized the curiosity of the students of grades I-IV, on the track of Inter House Competition-‘I am Scientist’ held on August 02, 2019.

                  The event commemorated with fiery zeal and fervor in the presence of esteemed Headmistress. The ambience was inundated with enthusiastic young scientists. Their attire, aura along with their inventions added vibrance to the event. After the Lord’s prayer, the spectators were well settled and our respectable headmistress was adorned with the welcome badge. The event unfolded its resplendence where in all the selected participants from different houses staged themselves as their favourite scientist and enlightened the gathering about their inventions. The stupendous performance of the young scientists was awe inspiring and vividly convinced the gathering that science plays a vital role in human development. Each and every performaner gave a cut throat competition to one another and the panel of judges had a tough time in selecting the winners.

                  The performance of the young scientists aptly framed the outpouring importance of science and inventions in each and every individual’s life. The momentous day gained more importance when the esteemed headmistress applauded for the splendid performance and not only she appreciated the efforts of the participants but also inspired each and every learner to portray their talent and skills. The event concluded with quintessential note that learning while experimenting is at its best at St. Xavier’s, Sec.81, providing an infinite platform to its learners.

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