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“To be inspired is great but to be an inspiration is an honour.”

Investiture Ceremony was a day of great pride and honour for Xavierians of grades VI, VII and VIII who got elected in the Student Council through a scrutinous democratic procedure. It was celebrated with great pomp and dignity on Friday, May 17, 2019, in the school premises. The proud parents of the elected students were also invited to grace the solemn occasion.

A spirit of unity and dynamism filled the air as the Grand Ceremony commenced with the Lighting of the auspicious Lamp of Knowledge followed by the soulful rendition of the School Song. The vibrant young dancers performed vigorously in praise of goddess Saraswati.

The march by all the Council was a spectacular event which set the mood for the event. With the flags held high and heads standing tall, the Student Council marched elegantly and smartly all prepared to don the mantle of leadership and responsibility with utmost dedication.


They were conferred with badges and sashes by Honourable Headmistress Ms. Sarika R Chopra. The newly elected Student Council members pledged to work earnestly and uphold the honour and glory of the institution while receiving their prestigious badges and sash. The students’ council took the pledge to uphold the school motto with loyalty, truth and honour in high esteem.


It was a proud moment for all the parents to witness their children being invested with great responsibilities while embarking on a new journey as leaders.


The Head Girl Siya Chopra and the Head Boy Abhay Kanwar shared their experience with the audience and promised to confer their duties along with their dedicated team with complete commitment.


The parents outpouring with emotions, shared their heart out on the gracious occasion. They were overwhelmed looking at their children, all set to shoulder the responsibilities with utmost diligence.


The significant day assumed more importance when the esteemed Headmistress Ms. Sarika R Chopra shared her thoughts on the solemn occasion. She expressed her gratitude to all the parents whose support was indispensable. She even felt proud for her students and was appreciative of their earnest efforts throughout the demanding process of selection. It was a moment of pride for everyone associated with the school to get apprised with the procedure followed like making of motto and manifesto, electronic voting by the students and use of indelible ink at the time of voting.


A graceful and mesmerizing dance performance by the students marked the grand success of the day which concluded with the National Anthem.

    Mother’s Day @ St. Xavier’s High School, Sector 81

    ‘A mother is one who can take the place of all others but whose place no one else can take.’

    The special occasion of Mother’s Day was celebrated with great fervour and enthusiasm for beautiful mommies of Grade I on Saturday, May 11, 2019, at St. Xavier’s High School, Sector 81. The heartwarming feelings filled the air with intimacy, gratitude, appreciation and acknowledgement when the moms were welcomed with beautiful tiaras. The mother child duos looked ravishing in their twinning attires. The enthralled children were then taken to their classes where they made something unforgettable for their mommies on the special occasion.

    A fun filled start was given to the celebration with some brain tickling liners. The outstanding mothers could easily guess the product from its tag line. The celebration moved ahead with Ms. Pinky Maheshweri, a proud Xavierian mom who is equally accomplished in her career as well. She equipped the audience with some essential and practical tips to raise independent and resourceful children. The useful strategies she discussed, would help the mommies in raising confident and resilient children. The workshop was applauded by all and even appreciated by our respected Headmistress, Ms. Sarika R. Chopra.

    After the brain stimulating workshop, a little more exercise was given to the brain cells with a maze and crossword to solve. The first three mommies who were able to solve correctly were adorned with beautiful crowns. The triumphant smile on the faces of the winners was quite evident.

    Another proud Xavierian mom, Ms. Nazia, engaged the audience with her workshop on self grooming. Physical appearance affects overall personality. It boosts self confidence and self esteem. A live make up demonstration was given by her, wherein she discussed essential grooming tips. The engrossing workshop apprised the audience with the products and steps to do party makeup. The workshop was well appreciated by the audience.

    After the workshop the beautiful mothers set the stage right with their hooves and grooves in the zumba session which was thoroughly enjoyed by all.

    T hen finally the children came to meet their moms, the whole aura was filled with their exuberance. The children hugged their mommies, wished them Mothers Day and with immense love gifted the priceless craft made by them. It is true that motherhood is a million little moments that God weaves together with grace, redemption, laughter, tears and most of all love and one of those unforgettable moments was captured by the mother child duo at the beautiful selfie frames.

    The day dedicated to the mothers ended with laughters and treasured joyous moments.

      ‘Competition is always a good thing. It forces us to do our best.’

      With the aim of honing the dancing and singing skills of the students, an Inter House group Dance and Song Competition was organized by St. Xavier’s High School, sector 81 on May,10th, 2019 for the students of grades I - VIII. The vivacious dancers from grades I-III from each house set the floor on fire with their energetic performances. The fun filled extravaganza offered performances on the theme Women Empowerment. All the participants were quite energetic and performed their dance forms enthusiastically in their vibrant attires. They dressed beautifully according to their songs. Young learners were enthrilled to be a part of colourful, vibrant and energizing event. Hands, feet and bodies, dressed in colourful costumes, twirled, flipped and jumped on the stage of the school.  Some learners even made use of interesting props like plates, chairs and sticks. The choreography, rhythm, synchronization and presentation of all the students were inevitable and praise worthy. The happiness of the children was amply evident with applause and appreciation.

      The event was further extended with Inter House group Song Competition. Music binds soul, hearts and emotions. It is a known fact that music is the best method of relaxation. Considering all these things, the Xavierians from different houses in choir presented awe-inspiring songs. The choir included a mixed bag of students from grade IV-VIII, which allowed for variation in tone and tenor. The songs selected for this competition comprised the  theme of Women Empowerment. The choirs were cheered up with gusto by the audience which included even the facilitators. This encouraged the teams on the stage and also kept the competition spirited. The event was judged by the Headmistress and the team of co-curricular facilitators.  The competition reached to its zenith with an absorbing competition among all the participants. Each choir exhibited their mastery over voice modulation, sur , rhythm and other important aspects of singing. The untiring efforts of children were a treat to watch. The winners from different houses were appreciated and congratulated after the announcement by honourable Headmistress Ms. Sarika Rahul Chopra as encouraged all the students to participate enthusistically in such  healthy competitions to enhance their talents. Thus, the Inter-House Competition was a huge success and was praised by one and all.

      Congratulations to the vigourous winners

      Inter House Dance Competition                                          Inter House Song Competition


      1st position – St. Nicholas                                                      1st position – St. Nicholas


      2nd position- St. Michael                                                        2nd position- St. Raphael

        Scholar’s Day @ St. Xavier’s High School, Sector - 81

        “Work hard in silence, let success make the noise.”

        Immense felicity and high spirits were evident on faces of the proud parents footing in the school premises on May 04, 2019 to laud the academic achievements of their wards at Scholars’ Day in St. Xavier’s high School, Sector-81.

        The day ceremonialized academic achievements of the students who had outshone in academics in the session 2018-19. The Scholar’s Day ceremony commenced with the School Song and each Xavierian and the parent stood upright in reverence. Followed by, soulful ‘Saraswati Vandana’, that spread radiance and hues all over. The dancers in their beautiful attire looked elegant and danced gracefully.

         The much awaited felicitation ceremony initiated by our esteemed Headmistress Ms. Sarika R Chopra by pinning the badges and endowing students from grades I-VII with trophies and certificates. It was a moment of pride for their parents as well who were called upon the stage to accompany their wards. A school’s true treasure is in its scholars, which the day rightly enforced.

        Two confident students, Naitik Dhawan and Vivaan Thotha, shared their experience of climbing the ladder towards their amazing success. The awardees  not just exemplified academic excellence but also discipline, hardwork and perseverance.

        Giving an affective touch to the ceremony was the experience shared by two well pleased parents, of the pioneer students. Their appreciation and truly inspiring words raised the spirits high of each person in the audience.

        Inspiring and motivating words by our esteemed Headmistress were truly applaudable. Her encouraging words motivated students, parents and staff to work in unison to add more laurels to the school. She being the backbone of the institution has always strived to put her best foot forward to add more glories to the school and the day elucidated the same.

        Xavierians once more rocked the stage with their enthralling and exuberant western dance performance, which was a delight for the audience, was evident in their enthusiasm and applause.

        A warm vote of thanks was extended by the Pre Primary Coordinator Ms. Shivani Mehra that gave a delightful and wonderful end to the unforgettable day.

        Vivid, heart warming and unforgettable memories were created, which will be timeless treasures for all.

          ‘Crucial to education is hands-on involvement: showing, not just telling; real experiments and field trips and not just 'virtual reality.'

          Educational visits are important to bridge the gap between education and hands-on experience. They are a vital requirement of educational curriculum and surely make the topic more creative and effective resulting in successful learning of the topic with great ease. Field trips are crucial for every student to widen their knowledge, culture and hands-on experience which in turn produces questions and answers that help to shape a student’s future.

          Concurring with the leverage of educational trips, St. Xavier’s High School planned an educational trip as a part of its activity based teaching programme where in students of grade IV were taken to SRT Textile, Manesar in order to acquaint them with the process of cloth making. Students avidly witnessed the transformation of raw fiber into a fine sheet. They were amused to witness the working of machines leading to sewing of quilts, pillows in fractions of seconds in bulk. They observed the working and timing of the cloth machines for each task and were fascinated with the overall observation. Their queries were cleared by the facilitators through live demonstrations hence resulting in complete understanding of the concept.

          The visit not only provided live demonstration of cloth making along with other number of products but also resulted in an indelible experience for our learners. The visit gave a vivid learning of the topic to the students complying with the notion ‘show me how to do it, so I can be successful.’ Students have the experience etched in their memories and will always apply it when needed.

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