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Night Camp
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Night Camp

Fun n Frolic ,adventure activities, delicious snacks , supper, gossips and sleeping with your buddies the school which place can this be ?

It will leave you awe-stuck, knowing that its SCHOOL !! St. Xavier’s High School, Gurugram. organised a night camp for the students of classes I-III on November 17,2018.

The night camp was all adorned with DJ, adventure activities like commando Net, Hop scotch ,Burma Bridge etc., Camel ride, bon fire, delectable meals and overall joyful and ecstatic kids,

The beautiful memories of the night camp will surely be cherished by the kids forever.


    Trip to Jaipur
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    Trip to Jaipur

    A two-day school trip for Grade IV was organised in November  to the Pink City, Jaipur to extend the classroom beyond the confined walls. It was a fun-filled trip which gave children an opportunity to develop their knowledge about the historical significance of various famous monuments of Rajasthan. The journey comprised of a stay at the unique traditional resort “Chokhi Dhani”, a visit to the majestic  Amer Fort and finally an informative tour  of “ Jantar Mantar”, an equinoctial sundial.

    The tour was supervised by the respective class teacher  and became an enriching and educative experience for the students. At the ethnic “ Chokhi Dhani” resort , they received 100% unique Rajasthani extravaganza coupled with the warmth of their service. The hotel accommodation at the Chokhi Dhani resort  had ethnic cottages designed with traditional elements, frescoes and period furniture giving the students a glimpse of the cultural heritage of Rajasthan.

    The exuberating 11 kilometres  journey from Jaipur city along a forested hilly promontory  led the students to the magnificent Amer Fort. The students quenched their inquisitive thirst to know more about the details of the elaborate fort with an interactive guided tour.

    The visit ended with an excursion to “Jantar-Mantar”, where the students learnt the astronomical significance of the sundial and how it was utilized by the ancient Indians for estimation of time, prediction of eclipses and to track the stars and constellations.

     The trip was immensely  enlightening and provided the  Xaverians an opportunity to enhance their sense of responsibility as well as develop their social and inter-personal skills.


      Children’s Day Celebration
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      Children’s Day Celebration

      “Every child is a different kind of flower and all together make this world a beautiful garden.”

      The premises of St. Xavier’s High School, Sector-81, blossomed  with vibrant and smiling faces on November 14, 2018 on the occasion of Children’s Day.

      Mesmerizing and power packed alluring performances were rendered by teachers to express the love and care for our beloved students and meritorious students were also acknowledged in the assembly for their unique and special capabilities. Inspirational words by the Headmistress graced the occasion .The students were over whelmed with the entire effort and the programme was applauded by all with beautiful memories etched forever.

      The eventful day full of excitement and enthusiasm went ahead with games, fun races and art activities for the students.

      The celebrations commenced with fun, enjoyment and innocent smiles on everyone’s face.

      May the love and laughter always stay on every child’s face .

      Happy Children’s Day!!


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        Diyas, lanterns and rangolis, St. Xavier’s High School adorned it all to add more light and vibrance to the festival.

        The enchanting skit performed by the talented Pre- Primary teachers transcended the audience to the time of Rama – Raavana.

        Our little munchkins danced gracefully in colourful attires.

        The confident speeches, capturing skit and effervescent dance by grade III students was a joy to witness and was worth applauding.

        The assembly commenced with inspirational words by our respected Headmistress. She motivated the Xavierians to celebrate Cracker free Diwali to further the cause of clean and green environment.

        Let’s pledge this year to celebrate a clean, peaceful and bright Diwali.

        Wish you all an outburst of exhilaration without crackers

        Happy Diwali

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